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The 5 Rings…

special preferred rates on THIS workshop… 

Limited Time! Act now!

5 Essential Tactics for Today's Leader

Can you relate to any of these challenges?

  • Managing a diverse group of employees

  • Motivating my team to higher levels of performance and productivity

  • Dealing with interpersonal conflict

  • Acting as a buffer between top management and front lines

  • Getting people to "buy-in" to changes in policy and procedure

If so, you're not alone!

Most workshops focus on tips and tricks that other leaders have used in the past. Too often these tricks just don't apply to your current situation. 

In this exclusive Intensive program, we take a much deeper and more personal approach…

In my work with business, political and community leaders over the past 10 years I've isolated 5 fundamental tactics that form the basis of any strategy or response. These tactics, The 5 Rings, empower you to adapt and apply a wide range of solutions and responses to the specific challenges and opportunities you face today. 

And you'll learn The 5 Rings in a highly-interactive Intensive! In fact, you'll learn actual self-defense techniques! Here's why…

  • The techniques you'll learn anchor The 5 Rings in your mind. Once you learn the physical techniques, you will never forget the associated leadership tactics!

  • As you help one another practice these self-defense techniques, you work with other participants to find solutions and strategies to address real challenges and opportunities you face in your leadership role every day!

  • And––it's fun! (You always learn more when you're having fun!)

And for a limited time, we're offering this program at a preferred rate for select organizations!


Call Alex Armstrong at 207-751-4317 today for details!

We're celebrating the publication of A New Book of 5 Rings. Each participant will get a copy along with a copy of THE SENSEI LEADER.

You've been chosen either because you've worked with me in the past, you've expressed an interest in THE SENSEI LEADER programs or you've been referred by someone we trust.

Looking forward to sharing The 5 Rings with you soon!


  • Two Hour Workshop

  • Supply of A New Book of 5 Rings

  • Supply of THE SENSEI LEADER book

  • Preferred rates on additional programs

FREE ebook! Click here!

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