Continual Development 


"My mission is to support and cultivate human-centric leaders around the world––and to develop the next generation of leaders who will Inspire, Empower and Guide people to their very best. The Continual Training Package is designed to embed this philosophy and practice throughout the organization to develop leaders at all levels––from the front lines to the C-suite!"

Continual Development Package

You want to embed the SENSEI LEADER culture throughout your organization!

We'll customize your package to include multiple locations, departments or levels––anywhere in the world!


  • All the benefits of our other packages customized to suit your specific needs and interests!

Custom Pricing

This Package combines any or all components of our other Packages to create a comprehensive, ongoing training experience for your entire organization:

  • Conference and meeting keynotes

  • Retreat programs

  • Workshops

  • Online programs

  • Individual and small group coaching & mentoring

Jim is glad to go onsite anywhere in the world to support your current leaders and develop your next generation. Together we'll design a Package from scratch, or we can easily plug-in to support your existing leadership development program or agenda.

Our first step is a Strategy Session to learn more about your organization, your vision, leadership philosophy, culture and values. Then we'll work together to customize a program specific to your needs, goals and interests.

One important note:

Jim is dedicated to the support and development of human-centric leaders. Just as you carefully choose the people who train your leaders, Jim carefully chooses the organizations he works with.

If you and your organization acknowledge the importance of humanity and service in leadership, if you're dedicated to developing caring, compassionate and courageous leaders and you value emotional intelligence and interpersonal skills as tangible assets…

Then you're a perfect fit!

Take a look at the 3 major tracks Jim serves below, then let's schedule a time to talk!

Note from Nana…


As we've been saying––your Package is fully customized to your specific needs, goals and interests. 

I'll work with you to design the perfect package for your event schedule and budget.


Don't see what you need? Just ask!

Call me anytime at:

(+254) 728 257 141

With our "Book in Every Seat" program you can send everyone in your audience home with a complimentary book. Discounts up to 70%


For emerging and aspiring leaders…

THE SENSEI LEADER Aspiring Leaders Track

Where is your next generation of leaders coming from? Do you want "managers" or genuine leaders?

THE SENSEI LEADER Aspiring Leaders Track gives your emerging leaders the mindset, emotional intelligence and interpersonal skills to develop into the type of leader who will not just fill a management position, but will lead your organization to a successful future. 

Effective leaders at ALL levels…


From the front lines to the C-suite!

You can develop "managers" or leaders. This program develops leaders with the will and skill to INSPIRE, EMPOWER and GUIDE the people they serve at all levels of your organization.

Senior leaders and executives…

SENSEI in the C-Suite Track

"Perfection is not a destination––it's a never-ending process!"


This track focuses on the unique needs and interests of senior executives and leaders. 

People are depending on you to lead with Courage, Compassion and Wisdom. This program helps you earn the deepest levels of Respect, Trust and Loyalty to help you Inspire, Empower and Guide the people you serve to their highest levels of productivity, creativity and performance…

…today and for the future.

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Customize your package or program! Schedule a complimentary Strategy Session today!

Would you like to learn more?

For more information and to discuss how to host a SENSEI LEADER event through your organization or business, contact…

Nana Wanjau, President

Branding Beyond Borders

(+254) 728 257 141

We just came off a very successful Reality Check Conference - Jim Bouchard, The Sensei Leader was a home run! His presentation was outstanding and we couldn't be happier.


Manager of Member Experience, Conferences, & Events, New Jersey Credit Union League

To say he captured and held the attention of the room during his presentation would be an understatement. His ability to engage his audience and draw them into the topic is phenomenal. He's a real person with real life experiences that shaped his life.


President, HR, Reed & Reed

Jim's message about "mindset trumping talent" is right on target. He has a very interactive session, engages the audience with humor, questions and lots of stories.

We want Jim back for another lesson in leadership. He was amazing!


2015 President, Austin ATD

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