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SENSEI in the C-SUITE: Strategies and Tactics for the advanced leader

The best leaders never stop learning, growing and developing. That’s how you stay on top… 


And the best executives know that the higher you go, the more important it is to stay connected to people at all levels. You don't want to be that "undercover boss!"


Your success as a leader is completely defined by the success of the people you serve.  When they succeed - you succeed!


They say it's lonely at the top! Not any more!


Jim engages you in a deep exploration of your specific needs, interests and goals…

  • Inspire top performance at all levels.

  • Connect people to a meaningful purpose. 

  • Mentor your next generation of leaders––your ultimate succession plan!

  • Share your vision effectively throughout the organization.

  • Retain your top talent.

  • Network with other top leaders