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Leadership Discovery Session

There are 3 major reasons leadership development programs fail to meet expectations.


Our Leadership Discovery Session helps you address these issues before you invest a single dollar!


And that's just the beginning! 

This highly interactive session seeks, as the name implies, to "discover" the needs, goals, interests––concerns and challenges of everyone in your organization when it comes to leadership development.

The more you know before you invest, the more you can focus your program for success. 

The workshop is divided into two parts…


Part 1:

Jim facilitates an open discussion to get input from representatives from all levels of your organization. This is where we identify key needs, interests, concerns and challenges.


Part 2

This is where we help you focus to identify the most important areas, make sure as many people as possible will engage and answer these necessary questions:

  • Is the organization willing and ready to commit the resources needed for successful implementation and sustainability?

  • Do your people have the will and interest to engage and participate fully in your program?

  • What are the most important "next steps" to assure success?


You might worry that this is just some kind of infomercial session or sales pitch for SENSEI LEADER MOVEMENT services…


We’re not there yet!


You may decide our services are a good fit––you might not. The session may reveal needs that we don’t address at SLM in which case we may be able to recommend other resources. Or you might find that you have everything you need right in house.


Sometimes it’s just good to get an outside perspective! Either way, this session will help you discover the most successful next steps!

Your first step is simply to call…

Alex Armstrong


3 Major reasons leadership development programs do not meet expectations:

  • Expectations are not developed in partnership with employees…

  • The organization and leaders are not fully committed to implementation and follow-through…

  • Leaders have not fully analyzed the resources necessary for success.

Based on data from Measuring the Success of Leadership Development, Phillips, Phillips and Ray

2016-03-16 05.57.08.jpg

No hypotheticals! We literally roll up our sleeves at SENSEI LEADER MOVEMENT events!


Leaders from all over the Caribbean working together in a SENSEI LEADER MOVEMENT workshop in Veradero, Cuba in 2017.

TLaBB for Women Entrepreneurs Brunswick

Our Leadership Discovery Session assures you have the input you need to install or evolve your leadership development program for maximum results. 

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