Helping you Inspire, Empower and Guide others to their very best!

Your success as a leader is measured directly the success of the people you serve…

The most effective leaders today are those who connect with their people, develop meaningful relationships, communicate effectively and inspire their best performance. 

The research is bombproof. People perform at their best when––and only when they know their leaders care. This means effective leaders need emotional intelligence, strong interpersonal skills and an accurate sense of self-awareness. 

This is what we call a SENSEI LEADER.

  • Would you like to Inspire, Empower and Guide your team to greater levels of performance and production?

  • Do you want to lead more effectively, strengthen connections with the people you serve and deepen their respect, trust and loyalty?

  • Do you want to expand or develop your interpersonal skills and communication skills, emotional intelligence and constructive self-awareness?

  • Do you want to advance your career and position yourself for promotion?

  • Would you like the recognition and appreciation you deserve?

Each 6 Month or 1 Year Package includes:

  • Two 60 minute sessions each month

  • Email support between sessions

  • Preferred rates on in-person events, plus in-person Mentoring session with each event

  • Signed copy of THE SENSEI LEADER and all supporting materials

PLUS: Optional "on site" visit and assessment.

Just as with all of Jim's, every SENSEI LEADER Executive Coaching package is customized to your specific needs, goals and interests. 

Call 207-751-4317 to start designing your Executive Coaching program today!

We use the Zoom Video Meeting platform so you can participate from any device anywhere in the world––without having to download software!

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