Guest Information…

Thanks for being our guest on SLLO (SENSEI LEADER Live Online)!

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We broadcast through a platform called "Streamyard."


Very simple to use! If you've ever been on a Zoom meeting, it's very similar. 

The broadcast goes to Facebook Live and YouTube simultaneously.


We will be adding additional platforms soon. One of the most exciting things about using Streamyard is our ability to feature comments from viewers. Please be sure when you share promotions about the broadcast that you direct people to our originating pages and channels so we can feature their comments. 

We'll send an invitation by email before the broadcast. Just click on the link and follow the instructions there.


Here are a few instructions to help us make you look and sound your best, and to help you make the most of your appearance…

  • Use a headset! Or at least ear buds or headphones. Trying to listen while your speakers are up can cause annoying feedback, and it interrupts the flow of the conversation. 

  • For your best audio quality, use a good external microphone. If you must use an internal mic, please use ear buds or headphones. 

  • Frame your shot to allow a little room at the top and bottom of the screen. We want people to still see you when we post comments and graphics.

  • You don't have to be too fussy about lighting, but be sure you have adequate lighting, particularly from the front. Avoid having lights in the shot and watch for "lens flare" or other distracting lighting artifacts. 

  • Please arrive on the broadcast about 15 minutes before we go live to work out any technical issues. 

  • Please fill out the form below so we can promote your links or special offer. 

  • PROMOTE THE STREAM! Please be sure to share our links and promo with your network. Encourage people to join the conversation by sharing comments and questions. And you'll have a replay link to promote and share after the broadcast.

  • Did we mention the headphones? 🤣


One of the most powerful features of Streamyard, as we mentioned, is the ability to post comments…


People love to see their comments on screen, and Jim does a great job of highlighting people's contributions. This is the most important feature that drives people to participate and share your stream. 

To help keep the flow going, please pay attention as Jim will often politely interrupt to post and highlight comments. Keep one eye on him during the stream and you'll usually see him waving or pointing to indicate that we've got a good comment to share.

If you have any other questions, please call Alex Armstrong at 207-751-4317 or email:

Thanks! We're looking forward to your appearance!

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Would you like to do your own live stream with Streamyard, but you hate the tech side of things?

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