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Keep It Simple!


In the spirit of this book, that could be the whole review! But, I feel compelled to add some thoughts––without losing my focus!

My dear friend and mentor Joe Calloway punches clean with “Keep It Simple.” This very short, very powerful book teaches you how to engage and improve your focus.

This is not one of those coffee table philosophy books that are nothing more than a collection of pithy jabs that may or may not inspire you. Joe distills the process of focus into a concise series of short examples and tight instructions you will put to work now.

He does give you a few quotes for inspiration. One of my favorites, I wonder why, is “The successful warrior is the average man, with laster-like focus.” That’s Bruce Lee in case you’re wondering. Joe deserves a Black Belt!

Focus is a central theme in martial arts and the true Master knows you can never get complacent about it. Focus is a practice, a discipline––an art in itself.

I’m going to share this book with all the leaders I work with and I’m going to recommend it for everyone in my Art of Focus workshops!

The highest compliment one martial artist can pay to another is to call him “Master.” Joe, you truly are a Master in the art of focus and “Keep It Simple” is a master work!

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