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Premier episode of Walking the Walk: Joe Calloway on Keeping it Simple!

We’re addicted to complexity.

We live and lead in a crowded, complicated and often very noisy world––And still the answers to most of our problems are SIMPLE––

Not always EASY!

Leadership itself is remarkably simple at its core. It’s about building building meaningful, productive and mutually beneficial relationships. It’s about treating one another fairly––with honesty, sincerity and genuine compassion.

Simple––not easy!

Today’s guest is Joe Calloway, author of "Keeping it Simple"…

In the spirit of full-disclosure, over the past several years Joe has become a genuine friend and one of my most trusted mentors. I trust what he says because it works.

Joe tours all over the world sharing his ideas on effective leadership and personal and professional excellence. His latest book, Keep It Simple, strikes at the heart of living and leading in our complex, uncertain world.

His advice has changed my life and my business, as it will yours. And I can tell you that Joe practices what he preaches. He is someone who is truly…

Walking the Walk.

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