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Forget thinking "outside the box." Think Inside the Bottle!


Jeff Scanlan does something that seems impossible. He takes objects that have no business fitting inside bottles––and he somehow stuffs them in there. In Think Inside the Bottle, he shares his secrets. Not about how to get things into bottles, he’s pledged to take that secret to the grave. He shares the secret for transforming what might look impossible into something first imaginable, then possible––then achievable. Scanlan lets us into the mind of a magician and artist. It starts with a refusal to accept “impossible” when confronted with what he calls “constraints.” He teaches us how to simultaneously work within inevitable constraints while at the same time approaching problems and challenges with the curiosity, imagination and wonder of a child––or a magician! I’m no fan of today’s “you can do it if…” types of self-help books. You can’t make things happen just by thinking about them and as Scanlan repeats often in Think Inside the Bottle, hard work isn’t enough to reach lofty goals either––it’s the pre-requisite. This is a clear, practical approach to cultivating imaginative and creative solutions that transform what seems impossible into an actual accomplishment. Think Inside the Bottle is a joy to read and will become a trusted guide in your search for personal and professional Mastery! Click here to get your copy on Amazon…

Watch for author Jeff Scanlan on an upcoming episode of Walking the Walk!

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