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If this book pisses you off, this is exactly the book you should be reading––now.

If this book pisses you off, this is exactly the book you should be reading––now. Go to nearly any page of Larry Winget’s latest book, What’s Wrong with Damn Near Everything! Just read a couple of paragraphs. If you’re angry, offended or pissed off by what Winget says, then this is the book you need to read. I’ve read every one of Larry Winget’s books. I have to tell you that he’s pissed me off too. Winget has a gift for laser focused instigation, and at several times in my life that’s exactly what I needed. You may need the same slap in head––or someone you know might need said slap! Do you believe you deserve more than you’re being paid? Here’s Winget’s response:

“Try harder. Show up early, stay late, do more than you are asked to do. Take a class to improve your skills. Ask your boss for more responsibility. Ask for more training. In others words, be worth more."

You think you need a “safe-space” at your campus? “…you are a wuss. You have no reason to be on a college campus. You are still a two-year old child scared of the bogeyman…you are not going to be able to survive in the real world.” You think following your passion guarantees success? “…are you opening your business based on your passion for what you do or your desire to be your own boss? If that is your delusion, you will soon be disappointed.” Now before you get your undies in a bunch over these short quotes, know that Winget also offers some clear steps to get your life moving in the right direction. What he’s doing falls squarely into one of the most important leadership strategies I teach: “Tough––yet compassionate.” The fact is that Larry Winget cares… He cares deeply about the people he serves when he speaks and when he writes. It is simply that he understands there is too much pandering, self-deception and willful ignorance in our culture.

The only way we can address our problems is to face them––directly. That’s Winget’s gift. Now you, like me, may find yourself in complete agreement with What’s Wrong with Damn Near Everything! You may be a member of the choir. If so, buy this book for your own validation. At least you’ll feel a little less alone! Or––buy it as a gift for your nearest college student, disgruntled employee or a member of Congress. Yes, Winget aims at all these targets and more. If you are angry or offended… Then be angry. Be offended. But instead of running for the nearest safe-space, do something to change your sorry lot in life and buy this book.

Larry Winget talks about "How the collapse of core values is destroying us and how to fix it" coming soon on Walking the Walk!

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