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To my fellow citizens on Veteran's Day…


It is time to honor and express gratitude to our Veterans.

Please put aside your politics and your personal ideology. You may be, or may have been for or against any particular war. You may believe that our nation has acted improperly at times or you may believe we are infallible.

Our Veterans did not have the luxury of questioning their obligation to duty. Their service and sacrifice was not predicated on a particular cause, political philosophy or preference. They did not measure the risk against the benefit––they performed their duty knowing full well that the risk they took was absolute and the consequences of fulfilling that duty may be the last full measure. These are our most genuine leaders. Regardless of rank––it is their embodiment of courage, and action in the face of unyielding mortal danger that make them so.

Ultimately, their willingness to embrace their duty affords us to stand back and question the mission and debate the proper application of our military might.

They simply did their duty. And we are still free.

Veteran’s Day is not about a particular cause, a point of view or a historic argument. It is about one thing and one thing only… Gratitude to the Men and Women who serve and protect us with the full knowledge that any day may be their last.


Thank You.

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