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Top 5 Things To Do to Change Your Life NOW––(Especially for people who hate Top 5 lists)

Top 5…Top 10…Top 20 things you can do to change your life, live your dreams or make millions while you sleep.

If you hate these lists it’s likely because you think most of them are 99.9999% crap.…

It’s also likely that you’ve tried some of these lists and you just didn’t get the promised results.

It’s even more likely that you tried a couple of steps, got distracted or just plain lazy and gave up.

If you’re stuck––really stuck––you need a different list. I promise you, this list is different.

Now I don’t care if you’re reading this to start the year, you’re in the middle of the year and not making any progress or at the end of another unsatisfying year. I don’t even care what year it is!

Before you even think of taking on any Top X list to improve your life, start with this one.

Here we go…

#1 STOP!

That’s right. Before you do ANYTHING else––just stop.

First, stop whatever you’re doing that is keeping you from getting ahead. I guarantee you’re holding on to something that’s holding you back––we all are. The problem is that we can get comfortable with negative or destructive habits, situations, relationships and mindset. And even more dangerous is that we sometimes don’t know what they are.

Which leads us to the next application: Stop and reflect. Take some serious time out to think about your life and your career. Ask yourself the tough questions:

What’s working? What’s not?

What can you let go of? What should you throw away? (Or who!)

Who are you right now? Are you satisfied? Who do you want to be?