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Leadership Training––The Competition: How do you choose?

The very first strategy I highlight in THE SENSEI LEADER program is this:

“Never limit yourself to one leadership strategy.”

Never limit yourself to one leadership strategist either!

I was inspired to write this article by my friend Dov Baron. He posted this question to start a discussion on Facebook:

Many people would wonder why I have a friendship with Dov––he’s a leadership speaker too––one of Inc. Magazine's Top 100 in fact. Many people would consider Dov my “competition”

What can you possibly gain by cultivating a relationship with a “competitor?”

The most jaded among you might quote the Machiavellian philosophy of The Godfather: “Keep your friends close. Keep your enemies closer.” I am very glad to discredit your cynicism.

First of all, as far as people qualified to truly teach leadership, demand far exceeds the supply. There is simply no need––and no time for jealousy!

Note that I said “qualified.” There are lots of speakers and trainers whose only qualifications are that they attended a weekend training and are sharing a packaged curriculum––and even some of those are very good. Rare, however, are the speakers who are sharing what they themselves are able to do: Lead by example, attract willing followers and inspire those followers to high levels of performance.

I have many friends in the business of teaching leadership in one form or another. We share ideas, we talk about the latest research, we challenge one another’s ideas, debate issues and discuss how to best address new challenges and opportunities.

We come up with some pretty good stuff! And by collaborating with one another we make sure our stuff is going to work––for you.

You should be exposing yourself to as many ideas as possible. Though we largely agree on the major aspects of leadership, we each bring a unique personal perspective. We’re each on a different journey. We’ve had different experiences, read different books, learned from different teachers. We speak with different voices that appeal to different ears and minds.

I’ll add that you need more leadership teachers than me! I know that’s not a great sales pitch, but it’s the plain truth.

I am focused on the most fundamental human aspects of what it takes to be an effective leader––one who will attract willing followers. And I work on what it takes to develop and maintain the will to serve those followers. I help people become better leaders by helping leaders become better people.