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Want to meet some amazing entrepreneurial leaders? Check out Kenya!

I hear a lot of talk about how the entrepreneurial spirit is dying––or being squashed. One place the entrepreneur is alive and well and thriving is––Kenya.

As I’ve been preparing for THE SENSEI LEADER Tour in Kenya, I’ve been finding incredible stories of leadership and entrepreneurship. I’ll share more with you as we get closer and of course while I’m there.

I couldn’t wait to share this one with you.

Julius Melei had been working as an engineer. He realized his salary was not going to be enough to do much more than survive. But as he says in the video below:

“Let’s not sit home and wait for the jobs to find us.”

Instead, Julius had a simple idea. He started buying and reselling mangos. From there he grew his business into packaging fresh fruit salads. He’s now operating successfully with a shop and production facility.

Who knows? Julius just might grow into the next great international franchise!

A leader sees what needs to be done––and does it…

Julius Mulei embodies this principle. He is a remarkable story what happens when someone embraces leadership––and walks the walk!

I sincerely hope I can meet Julius in person when I get to Nairobi. I can’t tell you how much I’m looking forward to meeting and working with the remarkable people of Kenya. Together we’re going to do much to support their thriving culture of human-centric leadership and help develop the next generation of leaders who are changing Kenya––and the world!

Would you like to host a SENSEI LEADER event for your business or organization?

For information on booking Jim in Kenya CLICK HERE!

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