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The ROI Question… What should you expect as a return on your investment in THE SENSEI LEADER program

You can also view my white paper: "The Hard-Asset Value of Soft-Skill Training. Click here…

The age of command and control is over.

People are no longer bound to work in the nearest factory. In fact, in this ever-accelerating age of technology and global connectivity, people are moving around the planet to pursue better opportunities for themselves and their families.

People are going to where their talents and skills are most marketable, and most appreciated. They’re going to organizations and leaders who care…

Human-centric leaders.

The mission of THE SENSEI LEADER Movement is to support and develop human-centric leaders. Leaders who Inspire, Empower and Guide others to their very best. Leaders who care about the people they serve. Leaders at all levels––from the front lines to the C-suite.

I understand completely that when you invest in any training, you want to see a tangible return…

I am also acutely aware that only 34% of organization leaders worldwide are satisfied with the results produced by their leadership development programs. This is because most “leadership development” programs emphasize technical “management” skills and pay little or no attention to human-centric leadership skills. (Read more here: Stop doing "leadership development" and start developing LEADERS!)

Those programs that do pay attention to the human factors too often make one of two mistakes. They deliver the principles of humanistic leadership in the form of lectures and checklists and stop there, and they fail to identify reasonable, actionable steps that can be readily embedded in an organization’s culture and in the daily lives and practices of individual leaders.

THE SENSEI LEADER program focuses on exactly these steps. We do not displace current training––we make sure you get the most out of your investment in all of your leadership development.

Technical management training is meaningless unless your leaders can inspire, empower and guide your people to their very best levels of performance. My sole focus is on the most essential human-centric aspects of leadership, particularly emotional intelligence, self-awareness and interpersonal skills. These form the foundation of effective leadership––and they are the keystones of THE SENSEI LEADER Movement.

Another problem is accountability. It is difficult to measure the direct results produced by human-centric leaders over their less human centered counterparts. Measurement is often clouded because lousy leaders sometime produce tangible results while long-term and expensive damages are often ignored. For example, an organization might over-value the short term production of an authoritarian or unethical manager while ignoring the offsetting costs of employee churn, retraining, or even legal expenses associated with this manager’s behavior.