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Want to take the next step? Be a LEADER… Help yourself and help a great cause!

There are two types of people in the world today: Leaders, and people who refuse to be.

I’m more convinced of this than ever. To understand this position, you first have to acknowledge that leadership has nothing to do with rank, title or position of authority. Or if we look at if from the opposite angle, we want leaders at all levels from the front lines to the C-suite––in business, in family, in the community.

At one recent event a gentleman told me that the word “leadership” is overused these days. His position was that not everyone was capable of being a leader and that too often people were called leaders, or called themselves leaders without genuine credentials or experience.

I understand his point of view. However––I will argue the first point. Everyone––well everyone who is willing, is capable of leadership. Again––it has nothing to do with a rank, a title or some arbitrary set of credentials.

It has to do with action. With the way you conduct yourself as a person.

A genuine leader is someone with the ability to attract WILLING followers––and the will to serve them.

Notice the emphasis on the word “willing.” When you set an example, when you approach your daily life with enthusiasm, when you Inspire, Empower and Guide others you are a leader.

You can lead effectively from the assembly line and cook station. And there are plenty of people in the executive suite or walking the halls of government who struggle––who are simply not leaders in anything but name or title.

Above all, leadership is a choice. You either chose to commit yourself to developing the skills, character and commitment necessary for leadership––or you don’t. And these days if you don’t, you’re likely going to be left behind.

It’s interesting that so many managers today complain that they just can’t find and keep good people, yet at the same time there is a glut of over-qualified college graduates, many with advanced degrees, who can’t find meaningful work.

I know why. I see it in every workshop and at every conference. I see it when I work inside organizations…

There are plenty of people with academic and technical management training, but precious few with the most essential human-centric leadership skills and experience.

As Admiral Grace Hopper put it so well…

“Management is about things. Leadership is about people. For too long we went overboard on management and forgot about leadership.”