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You can’t afford NOT to be a Leader

There are two types of people in the world today: Leaders––and those who refuse to be.…

The plain fact is that unless you’re willing to lead, you’re destined to fall behind. In this highly competitive environment, if you’re not willing to lead, you’re probably damning yourself to minimum wage work.

I’m going to be specific. I’m not talking about your job title. You don’t have to be a CEO, a manager or even a shift supervisor to be a leader. When we’re talking about advancing your life and career, we’re talking about leadership at its most grass roots––and powerful level.

Here’s what you need to do to be a leader…

#1 Work first on being a good follower.

That’s right. Good leaders are usually also good followers. You need to know when to take charge, and when to follow orders. Leadership and followership are not fixed positions. They’re dynamic roles and you need to know when to switch.

#2 Find the right Master.

There is nothing more important to your learning, growth and development than finding the right teachers, coaches and mentors. Find someone who is already established––someone who is where you want to go. And open yourself to their guidance.

#3 Commit yourself to personal and professional Mastery.

If you want to get ahead, make yourself valuable. Don’t wait for others to grant you the opportunity to learn or send you to training. You don’t need someone else’s blessing or permission to improve yourself. Identify some way to improve––to make yourself a greater asset to those around you––and go for it.

#4 Ask before you’re asked. Act before you’re asked.

In nearly every workshop someone asks me how to get noticed by the people who have the authority to advance their careers. Way too often thi