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Why so many new leaders fail––and here’s something you can do about it. Today!

One of the greatest ongoing challenges facing every organization is the continual need to develop new leaders.

You want to identify and cultivate the people who can fill vacancies and guide your organization into the future.

Are you preparing your aspiring and emerging leaders for success?

From an article by Nicole Fallon writing in Business News Daily:

“According to a recent study by the Center for Creative Leadership, nearly 40 percent of new chief executives fail outright…even more of them fail to live up to expectations…”

And it’s not just in the C-Suite.

According to Gallup less than 40% of business leaders worldwide are satisfied with the results of their leadership development programs. They’re just not developing the effective leaders they want and need.

We can do a better job––if we prepare aspiring leaders before we promote them…

On December 7th we’re offering rare public access to our 8 STRATEGIES for ASPIRING LEADERS Workshop. This intensive session focuses on the most essential determining factors for leadership success including:

• Emotional intelligence