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Human-centric leadership?

The mission of THE SENSEI LEADER MOVEMENT is to support and develop human-centric leaders around the world. Leaders at all levels from the front lines to the c-suite. Leaders who care.

But what, exactly, is a “human-centric” leader?

There are 5 key components that make you a human-centric leader:

#1 Emotional Intelligence & Self-Awareness

A human-centric leader works continually to understand people and the self. To be aware of your emotions and their impact on others, particularly those who trust in your leadership.

#2 Interpersonal Skill

A human-centric leader cultivates strong, productive and positive relationships with others. Works to be an effective communicator and an effective listener.

#3 Caring

A human-centric leader cares––especially about the people you serve.

#4 Commitment to continual personal and professional Mastery

A human-centric leader is never quite finished. You live as an example for others and work continually to improve yourself personally and professionally.

#5 Sharing

Leadership is sharing––a leader shares. A human-centric leader shares power, authority and responsibility. You share respect, trust and loyalty. You know that your success is measured by the success of the people you serve and your success as a leader is in direct proportion to what you’re willing to share with others.

Does this sound like you? If so––excellent! Keep up the good work and remember always that:

“Perfection is not a destination––it’s a never-ending process!”

If not––excellent! That’s right––you’ve taken the first step toward becoming a genuine and effective leader. You’ve recognized areas where you want or need to improve. Now go for it!