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THE SENSEI LEADER CHALLENGE––No ice buckets, hot chips or YouTube posts…

This may be the least painful challenge you ever accept––though I’m not making any promises in that regard!

I will promise that you won’t have to douse yourself with ice water, do a thousand push-ups or burn out your digestive system with devil pepper chips! It doesn’t cost a dime and you won’t have to embarrass yourself on YouTube. In fact––nobody even needs to know you’re doing it.

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PART ONE: To accept THE SENSEI LEADER CHALLENGE all you have to do is commit to one day of self-reflection.

Simple. Not necessarily easy!

First lets look at the obstacles––and over the years I’ve heard them all!

#1 I just don’t have the time…

Shut up! Seriously!

There is nothing more important to your personal and professional development, to say nothing about your mental health, than to take some time for self-reflection.

#2 There are just too many other priorities right now…