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Want to Inspire? Start with a smile…

Sometimes the simplest act can be the most inspirational.

I brought this on myself when I decided that the banner words for THE SENSEI LEADER MOVEMENT would be: Inspire, Empower, Engage. So now people are asking me what they can do to inspire others during this COVID-19 situation.

I quickly realized that many of them were looking for the grand speech. How could they give their employees, their friends––their family that JFK or MLK type of heart rending oratory?

Don’t even try. I’m not discouraging you from becoming a great speaker. If that’s what you want to do, go for it. All I’m saying is that it’s not necessary.

Some of the smallest acts of kindness, of attention and interest can be most inspirational.

Inspiration isn’t necessarily about something “grand.” It’s simply about something that touches another person emotionally.

Right now people are scared. They’re nervous. We’re facing a threat that’s invisible and anyone we come in contact with could expose us to that threat.

When I had to go to the store today, it hit me. I saw people who looked like they were ready to burst into tears. I saw others that looked like they’d jump out of their boots at the first loud sound.

Then I saw someone smile.

When they smiled––I smiled back.

Then I smiled at the next nervous looking person––and they smiled.

And it felt great.

There is a lot we can’t do right now. Let’s focus on what we CAN do. And something we can all do––and it doesn’t cost a dime––is smile.

Your smile just might save someone’s day. And you may just inspire them to take that smile to work, or home to their kids. And who knows what an effect that might have?


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