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RISING LEADERS: Preparing for your FIRST––or your NEXT leadership position!

How do you prepare for your first leadership position...or your next?

How will you stand out from the pack and impress the people who will promote you?

What are the human-centric qualities decision makers look for when they evaluate candidates to fill today’s leadership positions?


Some of the most important are:

  • Emotional Intelligence and strong interpersonal skills…

  • Initiative and engagement…

  • Respect––ability to “lead-up” and “lead-out” without stepping on toes or over heads…

  • Communication skills…

  • Ability to inspire, empower and guide others––at any level…


This is exactly what Jim delivers in RISING LEADERS––and more. 


Jim engages you in a deep exploration of your current strengths and areas for improvement. 

He guides you to develop specific DISCIPLINES that position you for leadership success. 

You'll walk away with powerful STRATEGIES to help you get noticed by decision makers...and prepare you to take that next step.



Watch Now

Available as keynote and targeted breakout sessions. All sessions personalized for your theme and specific interests and goals. 

Includes books, seat cards and pre-event survey.

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