The best way to join THE MOVEMENT is to book Jim for your next meeting or conference! Your attendees will enjoy one of the most dynamic and engaging programs available, and they'll each receive a lifetime membership in the SLM…

Event Package

We're committed to providing exceptional value and the best event experience possible for your attendees! 


Your SENSEI LEADER MOVEMENT event package includes YOUR CHOICE of any of the items on this list...and we'll work with you to create the perfect fit!

With our "Book in Every Seat" program you can send everyone in your audience home with a complimentary book. Discounts up to 70%

Interactive Keynote…

Jim receives glowing reviews all over the world for his engaging and interactive keynotes. (Read recent reviews here…)


His flagship keynote is THE SENSEI LEADER. This is a great opener, but many events use Jim as a closer, lunch or dinner keynote too.


While other speakers charge extra for breakouts, Jim his breakout sessions in this package! Jim has a wide variety of session topics perfect for leaders and aspiring leaders at any level! (See "Tracks" below…)

VIP Breakouts and Executive Roundtables

Bring some of your stars on stage with Jim! He is a master facilitator who creates a full audience experience!

Promotional Video and Landing Page

We create and manage a landing page for your event with the SL 15 Survey, Event Bonuses and optional registration links.

Jim is also glad to provide a customized video to promote your event.

SL 15 Survey…

This powerful self-assessment tool gives respondents deep insights into their own performance as human-centric leaders. It also gives Jim everything he needs to tailor his presentation to the unique needs and interests of your audience. 

Book Signing and starter supply of 100 books…

Books make a powerful premium gift for participants and they're a great way to encourage registrations.

Seat cards and workbooks are also included in most sessions. Additional books are available at deep discounts up to 70%!

Of course Jim is honored to sign books! Just provide the table––he brings his own pens!

Executive Coaching

Jim provides onsite private or small group Executive Coaching sessions at your event!

Laser Coaching…

A new feature that is really getting event hosts excited!

These highly focused sessions can be part of your expo experience. We handle the scheduling with our online tool––all you need to do is provide a space!

Lifetime Membership for all participants and online follow-up…

One of the most powerful features of our Package! 

How many times have you heard people struggle with keeping the momentum going after an event? They hear great speakers, take home great ideas––only to have them fade away.

Jim provides an ongoing stream of Online Workshops, on-demand programs, special "pop-up" events and more. You can also request specific customized online follow-up for your organization.

These are all benefits of Membership in THE SENSEI LEADER Movement––and everyone who participates receives lifetime access for FREE! 

You choose any single session or combination of sessions and services that best suit your needs and goals!

Additional days available at Preferred Rates! 

Now just scroll down to check out our Tracks…

We just came off a very successful Reality Check Conference - Jim Bouchard, The Sensei Leader was a home run! His presentation was outstanding and we couldn't be happier.


Manager of Member Experience, Conferences, & Events, New Jersey Credit Union League

To say he captured and held the attention of the room during his presentation would be an understatement. His ability to engage his audience and draw them into the topic is phenomenal. He's a real person with real life experiences that shaped his life.


President, HR, Reed & Reed

Jim's message about "mindset trumping talent" is right on target. He has a very interactive session, engages the audience with humor, questions and lots of stories.

We want Jim back for another lesson in leadership. He was amazing!


2015 President, Austin ATD

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For emerging and aspiring leaders…

THE SENSEI LEADER Aspiring Leaders Track

Where is your next generation of leaders coming from? Do you want "managers" or genuine leaders?

THE SENSEI LEADER Aspiring Leaders Track gives your emerging leaders the mindset, emotional intelligence and interpersonal skills to develop into the type of leader who will not just fill a management position, but will lead your organization to a successful future. 

Effective leaders at ALL levels…


From the front lines to the C-suite!

You can develop "managers" or leaders. This program develops leaders with the will and skill to INSPIRE, EMPOWER and GUIDE the people they serve at all levels of your organization.

Senior leaders and executives…

SENSEI in the C-Suite Track

"Perfection is not a destination––it's a never-ending process!"


This track focuses on the unique needs and interests of senior executives and leaders. 

People are depending on you to lead with Courage, Compassion and Wisdom. This program helps you earn the deepest levels of Respect, Trust and Loyalty to help you Inspire, Empower and Guide the people you serve to their highest levels of productivity, creativity and performance…

…today and for the future.

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