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Virtual Keynotes & Workshops

Taking your next event online?

All Jim's keynotes & workshops are available for online delivery!

Jim is receiving rave reviews for his "Hybrid Live" keynotes. This starts with a live open where Jim sets the table and introduces engaging video segments. Along with the video, he leads an interactive conversation with participants, audio, video or chat, or a panel discussion depending on your platform, audience size and preferences.

Why the video? Why not completely live?

Virtual is NOT the same as the stage. This is a "broadcast" format. We've got to engage the audience on a screen and for many, this means a smartphone! Standing in front of a webcam and talking, or even narrating a slide deck just isn't holding people's attention anymore.

Jim creates a personalized video keynote elements in our own broadcast quality production facility. We incorporate cinematic camera movement and elements with professional editing, powerful reinforcing graphics and music to deliver a presentation that is visually engaging to compliment Jim's dynamic message and presentation style. 

Jim is an eSpeakers Certified Virtual Presenter!


All the premiums of a live event!

We also include PDF downloads of Jim's books, and workbooks for workshop programs.

We still include a supply of books with every live and custom event! You can use these for early registration, gifts or promotion.


Plus, every participant receives free Membership in THE SENSEI LEADER MOVEMENT. 


Let's make your virtual event as close to in-person as possible!

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