* Why the asterisk? 

Because we don't do "webinars." Too often webinars are nothing more than glorified online lectures. Many are even pre-recorded to appear live, but they simply aren't. Others are blatant info-mercials with the host spending most of the session bragging about his or her own accomplishments and credentials. 


Every SENSEI LEADER online program is a highly interactive Online Workshop customized to your specific needs, goals and interests. 


From the very start, we all roll up our sleeves and get to work. We don't do quizzes, we do targeted polling to focus thought and discussion––and every Online Workshop features ongoing group chat, Q&A and breakout discussion groups for participants…

While there is no substitute for an in-person event, an online event is the next best thing. That's because Jim's Online Workshops are not just a narrated slide deck. We feature…

  • Pre-event access to ebooks and videos

  • Live interaction with participants

  • Engaging polls and surveys

  • Breakout discussion rooms

  • Experiential post event follow-up

  • Fully customized

  • Single session to series to ongoing training…

Just as with Jim's in-person programs, every SENSEI LEADER Online Workshop is customized to your specific needs, goals and interests––and budget!

Let's schedule a time to talk and start designing your Online Session or ongoing series today!

We use the Zoom Video Webinar platform so people can participate from any device anywhere in the world––without having to download software!

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