No ice…no hot peppers…no YouTube…

Commit to supporting human-centric leaders…

Our CHALLENGE does not involve any foolish stunts, public humiliation. It doesn't cost a dime and nobody even has to know you're doing it––though the people you impact will. 

We CHALLENGE you to continue your development as a a leader, and you and your organization to commit to the support and development of human-centric leaders.


That's all…

This means leaders who care. Leaders who Inspire, Empower and Guide others to their very best. Leaders who are committed to continually developing deeper emotional intelligence, interpersonal skills and genuine self-awareness. 

PART ONE: Day of Reflection

The first part of our CHALLENGE is simple this: To dedicate one day for serious reflection. If you accept the CHALLENGE as an individual, just plan your own day. Or you can share this CHALLENGE with everyone on your team.

The day should be part of your work schedule––not something you do on your time off. We've found through experience that people value this exercise more and get much more out of it when you make it a regular, at least annual part of your professional life.

Before you schedule your day, draft a set of questions and items to think about. Be sure to include these:


#1 Who am I?

#2 Who do I serve?

For more details on how to make the most out of your day of reflection, click here…


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PART THREE: Sign up or host SENSEI LEADER event

Just call us for details. This is our front line effort to share THE MOVEMENT around the world.


Simply invite someone else to join THE MOVEMENT and accept THE CHALLENGE! As we expand premium tiers, we will always reserve a no-cost option and provide plenty of free access to SENSEI LEADER MOVEMENT resources!

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