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CareerBuilder surveyed over 2500 managers and found that over 70% value Emotional Intelligence (EG) over standard intelligence (IQ). 

Our SENSEI LEADER MOVEMENT Leader's Priorities Survey asks:

Compared to "hard" technical management skills, how important are "soft" skills such as emotional intelligence, communication, self-awareness and interpersonal skills?

100% rate EI and interpersonal skills as either "Important" or "Very Important!"


In the past 3 years, NOT ONE manager or executive surveyed has ever rated these skills as less than "Important."


We see similar results for a wide range of specific EI traits and so-called "soft" skills indicative of a leader's ability to Inspire, Empower and Guide people to their very best. 

However, when asked to describe their investment in training specifically the mindset, attitude and character of leaders inside their organizations…

  • 60% report that "We focus almost entirely on technical management process and skills." 

  • Another 20% say "Little or none."

  • Only 20% report a balanced investment in time and resources to the area they consider most essential in developing authentic and effective leaders!

Its been some time since Admiral Grace Hopper said, "Management is about things. Leadership is about people. For too long we went overboard on management and forgot about leadership."

Sadly, this trend continues. So why the disconnect?

First, both are important…

Technical management skills are just as important as EI and interpersonal skills. The hard and soft skills are both essential to the success of your organization. However, you have to put the horse before the cart!

You can have the best processes and systems available––and they won't do a damn thing without good people to run them. 

People drive process––it's not the other way around. People design these processes and systems that help your business run. People innovate and create new solutions and opportunities. People do the work.

You've got to support, cultivate and develop leaders who care and who relate effectively to the people who make your business run. We call these "human-centric" leaders––and the sole focus of THE SENSEI LEADER MOVEMENT is to support, cultivate and develop human-centric leaders––at ALL levels of your organization.

So again––why the disconnect?

Time––and money.

Those are the two reasons––excuses––we hear most often for why businesses are not investing in the human-centric aspects of leadership development. Let's address each…


We've designed every SENSEI LEADER MOVEMENT program and package for efficiency as well as effectiveness. It doesn't take EXTRA time because the work is done in REAL time. 

You embed SL STRATEGIES, TACTICS and DISCIPLINES in your daily life and practice as a leader. You learn, grow and develop on the job by applying these tools in real time. We don't waste time on hypothetical exercises. In our Continual Development and Coaching programs we address new challenges and opportunities as they come up and specific to your unique experiences. 

You embed SENSEI LEADER ideas and techniques in your organization's culture. We help you develop a dynamic and ever expanding team focused on helping each other learn and grow as leaders––and as people. As you learn together, you hold each other accountable, provide support and encouragement and work together to solve problems and create new ideas and strategies. 

SENSEI LEADER MOVEMENT Workshops and other programs are intensive, focused, "roll-up-your-sleeves" events, and we follow up with online and on-demand support.

To put it bluntly, it doesn't take a lot of time to greatly improve your performance as a leader. It takes discipline and focus.


Many organizations simply struggle with the challenge of carving even a modest investment out of tight budgets for something that may not produce an obvious or immediate spike on the bottom line. 

Research shows that organizations that do invest in EI, character development and interpersonal skills for their leaders outperform the competition by as much as 700%.


It's sometimes hard to see or measure these outcomes as the returns are usually long-term in the form of retention, stewardship of intellectual capital and innovation.


It's sometimes easier to see the effect on profits when you factor in reductions in lost and wasted time, sick time, employee and management churn and even the health costs related to stress induced by bad behavior on the part of managers and executives. 

The cost of a year-long SENSEI LEADER MOVEMENT Continuing Development Package is far less than the cost of replacing even ONE key manager. But we'll go better than that…

SENSEI LEADER MOVEMENT Workshops range from $10k for a half-day to $15k for a full day. Despite acknowledging that these skills are essential––many organizations, particularly smaller companies and non-profits report that they just don't have the room in their budgets for this type of training. 

Do NOT leave this process to chance!


Even with the best hiring and on-boarding processes, leaders at all levels need continual support, training and development to reach and maintain their full potential. 

Most organizations try to address this problem by sending select personnel to an occasional conference, workshop or seminar.


What if you could train your ENTIRE team for less than the cost of sending ONE person to a conference?

Our Training Partner Cooperative Program (TPC) puts every SENSEI LEADER MOVEMENT workshop, program and package within the reach of ANY organization––no matter what your budget or size. 

How it works…

We work with you to create a SENSEI LEADER MOVEMENT TPC. You partner with one or more organizations in your area to share your training investment and create a strong network of people with fresh perspectives and ideas that make the experience even more effective and valuable for everyone on your team. 

We are now setting up SL TPCs from Florida to Texas, California to Maine––the Caribbean to Africa! Organizations are partnering with members of trade associations, business groups and even competitors. You can partner with other businesses in your Chamber of Commerce, or your association or Chamber could even serve as the TPC host. 

As this program grows we are developing infrastructure to connect you with other TPC groups around the world. Future plans also include international events and conferences. 

World class leadership development with a minimal investment. 

Human-centric leadership is no longer optional. Organizations that simply train managers are dying. Organizations that will survive and thrive in the future are training Leaders––at all levels. 

The best are training SENSEI LEADERS. Leaders who Inspire, Empower and Guide people to their very best. 

Your next step is simply to call…

"What if you could give your ENTIRE TEAM world class leadership training for less than the cost of sending ONE person to a conference?"

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Leaders from all over the Caribbean working together in SENSEI LEADER MOVEMENT workshop in Veredero, Cuba in 2017.

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No hypotheticals! We literally roll up our sleeves at SENSEI LEADER MOVEMENT events!

TLaBB for Women Entrepreneurs Brunswick

Our Training Partner Co-ops are powerful networks of people and organizations working together to support and develop human-centric leaders––effective leaders who care about the people they serve!

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