June 14, 2018

12 Noon ET (US)


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It is sometimes difficult to take the great ideas you learn in a webinar or conference and put them to to work. We're going to help! You'll leave this session with some powerful Action Steps––then we'll meet again in a few weeks to see how you're doing, make adjustments and find out what we can do to help you further!

The “manager” motivates––the LEADER INSPIRES!


So what’s the difference? That’s what we’re going to explore in this special Online Workshop––and it’s FREE to SENSEI LEADER Members!

Any manager can motivate employees to do the bare minimum. You can do that with carrots on sticks like bonuses and stupid contests––incentives. You can also do it with a whip––quotas and minimum performance standards. 


But how do you get people to go the extra mile? Study after study shows that after a certain point, monetary incentives are ineffective. Other studies prove that trying to drive people through fear, force and coercion usually produces the opposite effect. People slow to the minimums, quit––or worse, stay and drag down the production of everyone else around them.


The choice is yours. You can be the “manager” and try to get results with the whip––or be THE SENSEI LEADER and INSPIRE people to their very best! 


In this session we’re going to explore specific, actionable strategies you can adopt (and adapt) to help you INSPIRE rather than motivate:


  • Creating a higher purpose

  • Aligning people with a vision

  • Going the extra mile––for them!

  • Leading with Courage, Compassion and Wisdom––the 3 key inspirational drivers

  • Empowering people to do what they really want to do––their best!


This will be a 60 minute interactive program with an optional 30 minute “round-table” following. 


Limited to 50 participants! Register NOW!

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