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NOTE: Any SLM marketing or calls to action you see in the samples below are removed from your webinar. With "Live" and "Custom" programs, we can design specific calls to action to direct participants to your resources. You can also elect our "Organization Affiliate Program" where you can opt to include SLM offers, and your organization shares in revenues.

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One of Jim's most popular live workshop and webinar topics. 


How to get your ideas noticed, influence up the chain, lead people with more experience and show decision makers you're ready for more responsibility.


Very popular with rising and emerging leaders. 

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Inspire, Engage and Understand…


Effective communication skills for leaders at all levels. 

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Responding to questions and concerns from SLM Members and clients, Jim produced this special webinar to help leaders keep their people engaged, focused and productive as the pandemic presented new challenges.



In Production & Coming Soon…

  • Don't Motivate––Inspire!
    How to blow expectations out of the water and tap into people's emotional potential for outstanding results.


  • There is No "New Normal!" Be Flexible, Adaptable and Comfortable with Uncertainty…
    Based on one of Jim's key SENSEI LEADER strategies, this program helps you embrace change, find opportunities in uncertain times and help others grow through change. 


  • Find the Right Master…
    This program, also based on one of Jim's key strategies, guides you finding the right mentor, and how to be a good mentor to others.