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We'd love to have you as a guest!

Please recommend yourself or another leader who is truly "Walking the Walk!"

We're looking for leaders from the front lines to the C-suite––people from all walks of life, business, politics and the community. We're looking for people who are truly living a life of service to others and who are leading with Courage, Compassion and Wisdom.


We are looking for leaders, experts, speakers and authors who can talk on a specific area of leadership or a currently topical subject. We are not doing general biographical or introduction pieces.

Our mission and intent is to provide content that will help people become better leaders––and help leaders become better people. We appreciate specific and meaningful advice and information that will help us fulfill this mission.

We will enthusiastically promote your organization, product or services, but this is not a "promotional" format. The main subject matter must be topical, relevant and useful to our audience.

We welcome political leaders and experts, but only to discuss substantive leadership topics. We will not entertain overtly political or partisan attacks or attempts to propagandize or overtly promote a specific political view.

Complete the form below to be considered as a guest on Walking the Walk…

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