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Thanks for being our Guest on Walking the Walk!

Please be sure to call in to our show about 10 minutes before your scheduled air time.


Please be sure we're connected on Skype. You can send a connection request via Skype at any time before the show. Or send us your Skype address and we'll initiate the connection.

If you filled out our guest form, I'll be calling you on the Skype ID you provided. Or you can call me at Skype at: Jim.BouchardDCPP

If you haven't filled out your guest form––that's a big help! Click here…

We want you to sound fabulous! This will help:

  • BEST: Use an external mic and headphones or earbuds.

  • OK: If you must use a "built-in" mic on your computer, use headphones or earbuds and not your speakers.

  • Turn off all apps and programs running in the background––especially browsers. These programs can and often do interfere with the Skype signal. Chrome is the worst!

Please be ready with any specific website information you’d like to share and promote at the end of the program. Jim will ask you to provide contact information near the close.

Please provide a "head shot" and if you're an author, a book cover picture in JPEG or PNG format. Click here and send images as attachments.

If you have trouble connecting or have any other last minute issues, our emergency contact number is:


Please help us promote your episode!


We’ll send a show promo you can share, and you can promote our show link:


Please note that your appearance on Walking the Walk may be repurposed including but not limited to transcriptions which may be used in articles or books published by Jim and Black Belt Mindset Productions. While we do not compensate for such use, we will provide a complimentary copy of any publication in which your appearance is used, and discounted copies if you'd like to purchase more for your own promotional purposes. You will of course be fully credited for your participation. If you do NOT wish to be included in any other use, please let us know by email prior to your appearance. 

If you have any other questions or concerns, just give us a shout!

Thanks Again!

Jim & the Walking the Walk Production Team

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