Vision & Mission…

THE SENSEI LEADER is not just another leadership development program. It is a movement.

Our programs support this movement and help us fulfill our vision and mission…

Mission: To develop, cultivate and support human-centric leaders through education, meaningful dialog and training. To help these leaders Inspire, Empower and Guide people to their very best.

Jim's story…

"Jim spoke at our National Conference and his presentation made an impact with all our attendees…

"Jim demonstrated that achieving your dreams is possible despite all odds. A great message to reinforce for people you are looking to motivate to take their life and business to the next level!"

From Jim…

The world is changing and leaders must change with it. The days of "command and control" are over. People are demanding leaders who are emotionally intelligent and put the priorities of the people they serve above selfish ends. We call these "human-centric" leaders––and our movement is dedicated to developing, cultivating and supporting these leaders. 

Leaders are people who transform themselves through their experiences, opportunities and challenges to become the people others count on for inspiration, guidance and action.

I’m a former drug addict and two time college dropout. I used to think that was a miserable resume for someone who trains leaders to be better people.

I now know that it is the perfect resume! Here's why…

Leaders are made, not born. I’ll go a little further, leaders are transformed.

I transformed myself from a loser to a leader––from a drug abuser to a Black Belt, and later to Sensei. Over 25 years of teaching I helped hundreds of others transform themselves into Black Belts, and thousands more discover their best selves.

The Sensei has a very special relationship with



It’s a relationship built on loyalty, trust and respect. The Sensei earns this loyalty and respect through mentoring, empathy and a dedication to guiding followers to develop their skills and talents and by inspiring them to cultivate their full potential.

I help you cultivate this type of relationship with your followers––at any level to help you become a more effective leader, and to bring out the best in your people and your organization.

Over 25 years of teaching I’ve helped hundreds of people transform themselves into Black Belts; I’ve helped thousands more discover their best selves by learning how to think like one.

I’m tough on the people who want to earn a Black Belt. I’m even tougher on people who want to become effective leaders.

Sensei literally means “one who went before.” What a powerful description of a leader––as long as you’re willing to walk the walk!

I help you earn the trust, respect and loyalty of the people in your care. I help you lead by example through authentic Mastery––becoming your best self.

I help you become a better leader by becoming a more effective mentor and teacher.

I help you become––the Sensei.

​Jim is a 2004 inductee to the U.S. Martial Arts Hall of Fame and was twice featured in "Inside Kung Fu" magazine. He has been teaching and practicing martial arts for more than 30 years.

Jim is a volunteer mentor for incarcerated youth, an obsessive golfer and surf guitar player. In 2016 Jim was nominated and rand for Congress.

Jim lives in Brunswick, Maine with his wife and business partner, Alex.

This is still one of my favorite memories! Working with future leaders!