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"The only way to attract and keep the best people is to show you care. That's the heart of my mission.

"Developing leaders who care. Who people first. These aren't soft skills. These are HARD ASSETS. 

"When your people succeed - YOU succeed."

Jim's story…


Authentic. Compelling. Down to earth. That’s Jim. Get ready to roll up your sleeves! Jim engages your audience in a dynamic conversation - NOT a lecture!


An audience of 3 or 3,000 – Jim delivers.


By his own admission, Jim should have been dead or in jail many times over. Martial arts helped him overcome a life of crippling self-doubt and self-destruction. In his programs, Jim shares his inspiring transformation from dropout and drug addict to Black Belt and Sensei -- and how that experience made him a genuine leader.  He went on to open 5 martial arts schools, helping hundreds of people achieve their Black Belt rank, and thousands more discover their best selves.

Today, Jim helps leaders around the world connect on a deeply human level to attract, engage, and lead people to their highest levels of performance and productivity.


“Jim shows us how to unshackle, release, and become the leader we aspire to be.”

“The SENSEI LEADER dives deep into the thinking and behavior that EVERY LEADER must EXPLORE and MASTER.”



He provokes thought. He instigates participation. He invites discussion. Your audience will confront today’s toughest leadership challenges – head on. 

  • Finding – and keeping – good people

  • Leading in uncertain times

  • Managing work/life balance – that includes leaders too!

  • Connecting people to PURPOSE – not just a job

What’s the answer? INSPIRE. EMPOWER. GUIDE.

"People perform at their best when––and only when––they know their leaders care. When their work has meaning. When they know they have a real opportunity to learn, grow and develop.  That's the heart of my mission. Developing leaders who care––who put people first. These aren’t soft skills. They’re HARD ASSETS. When your people succeed – YOU succeed.” 

– Jim Bouchard



  • ENGAGEMENT: This is NOT a lecture! Jim's keynotes and workshops are completely interactive - LIVE and virtual!

  • PROVEN TRACK RECORD: Just read the testimonials!

  • EASY TO WORK WITH! Jim wants to make your life easy - and your event a success! 

  • PERSONAL TOUCH: Each program is personalized to the unique needs and goals of your event. Jim studies your culture and mission to reinforce and support your message. 


  • 35 years as a martial artist, teacher and coach 

  • Founder of Northern Chi Martial Arts Centers

  • Martial Arts Hall of Fame inductee 

  • Author of The SENSEI LEADER, Think Like A Black Belt and several books on leadership and personal development

  • Volunteer mentor for incarcerated youth

  • Obsessive golfer and surf guitar player

This is still one of my favorite memories! Working with future leaders!

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