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Inspired by the Musashi classic, Jim Bouchard shares 5 Essential Tactics for Today's Leader!


Learn how you can apply these tactics to become a more effective leader. 

PLUS: THE 5 RINGS is now also an exciting and highly interactive workshop! You'll learn actual self-techniques to anchor the leadership tactics taught as Jim guides you through an engaging conversation about each tactic and how to put them to work––today!


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An intimate portrait of the human side of leadership, THE SENSEI LEADER is about discovering the leader in each of us, in all of us––regardless of title, rank or position. 
The THE SENSEI LEADER is based on the author's transformation from loser to leader; from drug abuser and dropout to Black Belt and Sensei. The author draws on his experiences and his extensive study of philosophy and martial arts to craft a highly personal portrait of an effective leader.  

Because Discipline, Focus and Excellence are not optional- in life or business!

The author takes you inside the mind of the Black Belt to develop confidence, courage, discipline, focus and leadership you need for excellence in personal & professional life.

Extracted from THE SENSEI LEADER by Jim Bouchard, THE 8 STRATEGIES for EFFECTIVE LEADERS is your pocket guide to becoming a better leader--and a better person.

This is the companion to THINK Like a BLACK BELT and part of the 8 STRATEGIES series by Jim Bouchard.

If you want to get ahead in life, become a leader. If you want to be an effective leader, be the best person you can be. This is how you do it!

You may be just starting your career. You may be a seasoned veteran who wants to advance. Jim Bouchard, author of THE SENSEI LEADER, gives you clear and actionable strategies you will apply today to move your career, and your life forward.

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Companion workbooks for Jim's workshops and online programs. A supply of workbooks is included in all workshop packages, and additional copies are available at deep discounts!



THINK Like a BLACK BELT Workbook




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Additional Titles

Sit Still, Shut Up and Breathe!

The shortest guide to meditation you'll ever read…

…and for busy people and skeptics––the only one you'll ever need!

FREE online edition and companion video!

Leading relationship expert Dr. Jackie Black and THINK Like a BLACK BELT author Jim Bouchard team up to share the BLACK BELT way to creating a successful relationship!

Dynamic Components of Personal Power

Develop the mindset of a Black Belt to access your full capacity to act and perform effectively!

Jim's first book still available on Amazon!

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