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AV, Tech and stage requirements:

Jim wants to deliver his best for your audience. Your attention to these items assures the best possible experience for your audience and the success of your event. 


The optimal set-up for Jim’s keynote is a “cabaret” style table arrangement. These are round or small square tables with seats facing the stage. This helps participants interact with Jim and with one another. Please allow adequate space between seating groups for Jim to move freely throughout the audience.


A riser or stage platform should be located in the center of the room. A single screen should be to one side or the other of the stage––not in the center.

SLM Keynote Stage Plot JPG.jpg

Click the link below for a downloadable PDF of Production Requirements with a handy checklist…

If a lectern is necessary for other speakers, please be sure it’s removed or moved to one side of the stage for Jim’s presentation. Please place a stool slightly stage right of center. Jim will move it as he needs.

Because Jim’s presentation is so interactive, it’s imperative that you fill front-center seats first. Please do not allow people to gather in the back or far sides of the room until the front and center are filled. In cabaret seating, this is easily achieved by placing “RESERVED” signs on perimeter and rear tables. You can remove signs from the front and center out as the audience fills. For theater seating, tape off the rear and side sections until the audience fills the front and center aisles. 


Please have the front row no farther than 10 feet from the front of the stage.


Please provide a "barstool" style stool on stage for Jim.


Please provide adequate stage lighting so Jim is visible from all seats. House lights can remain up––or please be prepared to bring house lights up when Jim goes into the audience about 8 to 10 minutes into the presentation. House lights can again be dimmed when Jim returns to the stage for the last 5 minutes of the presentation.



Good sound is critical to the success of any event. Please provide a wireless over-the-ear microphone like the Countryman. 


Place a hand-held (stick) mic on the front edge of the stage for Jim to use with audience members. 


For over 100 people, please provide an additional microphone and an “audience assistant” to help Jim bring a mic to participants. Please provide two (2) assistants and microphones for audiences above 200. Jim will brief the assistant(s) at tech check so they know how best to identify people ready to contribute and keep the presentation moving.


Because Jim moves throughout the room, you’ll need an active audio technician to ride levels and adjust to any feedback or other issues in the room. 


Slide Deck & AV:

Jim’s slides are in 16:9 widescreen format. Please have projectors and screens optimized for that aspect ratio. 


Professional level projectors should be provided so Jim’s slides are visible with house lights up. Because Jim moves throughout the audience, make sure the remote has enough range to work from all areas of the room. 


IMPORTANT: Many of Jim’s slides are critically timed punctuations to anchor key points. Please DO NOT switch video away from the slide deck during Jim’s presentation. If you want to insert live video during the presentation, please do so ONLY when Jim is interacting on the floor with a member of the audience, and restore the slide as soon as he moves away from that person. 


Tech Check:

Please have technicians and assistants available for a tech check at least one (1) hour prior to the start of Jim’s presentation. 



Jim’s life story is a critical part of his presentation. Please DO NOT embellish his introduction with any biographical information. Please use this introduction exactly:


“Please welcome leadership activist, author and founder of THE SENSEI LEADER MOVEMENT: Jim Bouchard.” 

Book Signing and Sale:

Please provide a table to display books and for sales and signing following the program. This table should be near the main entrance of the room or auditorium. We’ve found that people engage sooner if they don’t know Jim when they see that he is a serious author!


If you’ve purchased books prior to the event, Jim will be available for signing immediately after the keynote. If he’s doing additional breakout sessions, we also appreciate a table in the back of any breakout room. 


Recording and Photography:

We welcome video, audio and photography of Jim’s presentations. Video and audio may only be streamed, distributed and published for your private, internal use. If you wish to distribute any of these materials outside of your organization, please ask us about licensing.


We do ask that you provide copies of any photographs or recordings of Jim. Please note that Jim reserves all rights to any reproduction of his image or voice for his unrestricted commercial and personal use. 



Please have two (2) bottles of room temperature water on the stage for Jim.


Contact Information:

If you have any questions or need any assistance before or during Jim’s presentation…


Alex Armstrong

Cell & TXT: 207-751-4317



Jim Bouchard

Cell & TXT: 207-751-4291




PLEASE NOTE: The contents of this document titled Production Requirements is a binding part of this speaker’s contract for your event. Any modifications must be approved by the speaker or a representative of Black Belt Mindset Productions or Armstrong Speakers. Pre-Production 

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