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THE SENSEI LEADER: How to Inspire, Empower and Guide your people to their very best!

The research is clear. People perform at their best when and only when…

  • They know their leaders care.

  • Their work has meaning.

  • They have a real chance to learn, grow and develop.


To accomplish this leaders today need…

  • Emotional intelligence

  • Strong interpersonal skills

  • Awareness

That’s what Jim delivers in THE SENSEI LEADER!

Attendees learn how to…


  • Connect with and inspire people at all levels––from the front lines to the C-suite.

  • Communicate effectively to engage people in the organization vision.

  • Close the generation and gender gaps.

  • Improve engagement and retain your best people.

  • Empower and guide people to peak levels of performance and productivity.

Jim engages the audience in a deep exploration of what it takes to connect––to inspire, empower and guide people to their very best…

To be the "Sensei Leader!"