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Meeting Planners

3 tracks for leaders!

  • THE SENSEI LEADER: Jim's flagship program! Cultivate and support effective leaders at all levels.

  • THE SENSEI LEADER Aspiring Leaders Program: Focuses on the essential steps aspiring and emerging leaders need to advance.

  • SENSEI in the C-SUITE: Serves the unique needs and interests of senior leaders and executives. 

Each track can be presented in any format from interactive keynote and breakout sessions to workshops, retreats, webinars and ongoing training. Programs can also be combined to serve your specific needs and goals.

What makes THE SENSEI LEADER program different?

  • CUSTOMIZED: Every program from conference keynote to ongoing training is fully customized to your unique needs, goals and interests.

  • COMPLIMENTARY STRATEGY SESSION: This is NOT a sales call! We work with you to design the perfect fit for your needs and budget. You leave with actionable steps for your leadership development process whether you book Jim or not. Click here to schedule your session!

  • THE SENSEI LEADER 15 ASSESSMENT: Before every event we share our "SL 15" survey. This gives us a clear understanding of strengths and areas for improvement for your organization or conference audience. 

  • PROMOTIONAL VIDEOS & MEDIA: Jim is glad to produce a personalized video to help promote your event. He is an experienced media guest and is available for advance appearances to promote your organization and event.

  • BOOK in EVERY SEAT: Deep discounts make it easy for you to provide books to everyone at your event and complimentary supplies are included in all workshop packages to get you started.

What you can expect:

  • ENGAGEMENT: This is NOT a lecture! Jim's keynotes and workshops are highly interactive.

  • FOCUS ON THE AUDIENCE: Your audience is part of an engaging conversation designed to inspire their personal and professional development and strengthen their organization's culture.

  • EASY TO WORK WITH! Jim is flexible and is glad to handle any last minute changes in your program.

  • PERSONAL TOUCH: Each program is personalized to the unique interests, needs and goals of your organization, conference or event. Jim studies your culture and mission to reinforce and support your message.

  • AUDIENCE SATISFACTION: Just read the testimonials! Jim consistently ranks as one of the top presenters at events across the country and has earned ongoing relationships with major associations.