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Don’t even attempt to transform your organization until you can transform yourself…

Lots of talk about “transformation” and “transformational leadership” these days…

The academics and business experts are singing in harmony––if you’re not transforming these days, you’re dying. It’s just a matter of how quickly.

If you agree, then you had better acknowledge one stark, crucial fact. Transformation is completely dependent on people and it starts at the top. If you don’t know how to transform yourself––continually––don’t even attempt to transform your organization.

Here’s why…

Imagine trying to implement a major cultural transformation. Let’s say the shift from a hierarchical leadership structure to an “agile” model.

The first step in any major transformation is to analyze the risk. You do a “SWOT” assessment to make sure you’ve got the people and resources in place to tackle this transformation. In reality, you are already throwing up obstacles before any formal assessment or analysis. This is normal––and perfectly human.

Very few successful business people dive in to the deep end of any pool without at least knowing the dog paddle. It’s human nature to be cautious––to look at the downside first.

  • What will it cost?

  • Who is likely to put up the most resistance?

  • What (or who) might we lose along the way?

  • Can we sustain it?

  • Will we eventually come out better than we are now?