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Want to score higher on the Gallup Q12?

Would you like to produce higher Q12 scores? Join THE SENSEI LEADER MOVEMENT…

Now before this sounds too self-serving, please allow me to explain…

First of all, your objective shouldn’t be higher scores on an assessment. One of the problems with any assessment is the tendency to “train to the test.”

The Q12 is the means––not the ends. The goal should be to cultivate a consistent human-centric culture that brings out the best in people––because they want to do their best.

This takes serious commitment, focus and discipline.

Now when I say that joining SLM will earn you higher scores, I mean it. This is because we address every single item in the Q12…

For those not familiar, the Q12 is poll consisting of “the 12 questions that measure the most important elements of employee engagement.” These questions are based on years of research by Gallup. You can study the Q12 in detail in the seminal book: First, Break All the Rules by Don Clifton.

To create an environment that produces the best results, Clifton writes: “…you have to reconcile responsibilities that at f