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HOT TOPIC: How to get people to open up––and not just tell you what they think you want to hear!

Jim really poked the hornet's nest with this one! I seems lots of leaders want to know what they can do to avoid a "yes men" culture and get people to really open up and be honest with them.

There are two resources available to you this week on this topic…

Here's a link to Jim's article on LinkedIn Pulse: "SENSEI in the C-SUITE: I don't want yes men. I want people to be open––to tell me the truth!"​

If you prefer to listen, Jim addresses the same topic on our new podcast: ONE STEP!

ONE STEP focuses on one issue and one DISCIPLINE or action step you can take today to help you cultivate your leadership skills. Each episode is a bite size 10 to 15 minutes––coffee break friendly!

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