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Leadership: Paint the fence.

OK––here's the thing about leadership. If you think something needs doing––do it.

Stop searching for saviors or even benevolent tyrants. Stop waiting for others to do what you are fully capable of doing yourself.

It doesn't need to be anything grand or glamorous. Most of the world's most important work goes largely unnoticed. The greatest work is appreciated only in its absence.

The cool thing is that once you start doing, you'll find others willing to pitch in.

It's the old Tom Sawyer phenomenon. Paint the fence––and do it with enthusiasm. People follow examples much more enthusiastically than they do orders.

If you see a fence that needs painting––paint it. Paint that fence with heart and you'll attract more painters.

And that's what genuine leadership is all about. Go ahead and talk the talk. But more important…

Be sure you walk the walk––and paint that fence!

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