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Stop doing "leadership development" and start developing LEADERS!

At every workshop and intensive I ask leaders how important mindset and attitude are to their success and the success of their organizations…

Over the past five years, 100% of them have said it is either very important––or it’s absolutely essential.

Then I ask how much time and effort they’re investing directly in cultivating the mindset and attitude of the people they serve, particularly their organizational leadership.

Sadly, the vast majority––and I’m talking 80 to 90% say none at all.


Of course there’s an understandable expectation that people will come to work with the right attitude and that leaders will provide a good example. But how do you leave the most important component of your success up to chance?

Every one of us knows, a human being, that attitude and mindset are fragile commodities. Personal issues, pressures, changing conditions and complacency are just a few of the things that can dramatically alter our mindset or affect our attitudes.

At the same time, we also know that classic “leadership development” is falling far short in producing the results business owners and CEOs expect. Recent reports indicate that as few as 34% of CEOs are satisfied with their investments in leadership development programs.

I know the reason why:

They focus on leadership development instead of developing the leader.

I’m not trying to be cute with words. I’ve studied multiple leadership development programs. They are too often centered on management process––lists of “things to do