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Do the right thing. Always… Really?

I always find the responses to this fascinating…

Doing the right thing is always the most important consideration, even when it’s not profitable, expedient, popular or comfortable.

Agree? Disagree? There are exceptions to the rule?

We've had this item on our SL 15 survey for more than five years now. A couple of thousand people have responded. Here's how the results break down so far:

It's no surprise that most people will agree or strongly agree. I'm always fascinated by how many people say "there are exceptions to the rule." I'm even more fascinated by what those exceptions are!

Now there are no right or wrong answers on our survey. Well, only one or two and this isn't one of them. People often have rational and logical reasons for bending the rules. We've learned from discussions in our workshops that sometimes the rules themselves pose the challenge––that the "right" thing to do in the context of rules or policy can be morally and ethically criminal or even evil.

At some point, however, we've got to define some absolutes. We need some overarching sense of what is right and what is wrong. And when we find those intractable values, we've got to defend them––to the last full measure.

That's what we're talking about in this episode of Walking the Walk with Dr. Jim Tunney…

Be sure to tune in to all the insightful guest we feature on Walking the Walk––the leaders who Inspire, Empower and Guide us to our very best!

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