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5 Things “the manager” Says––That You’ll Never Hear a Leader Say

Whose responsibility is that?

The leader knows whose responsibility it is. “Mine.”

Even when you delegate tasks and duties to others, the responsibility rests with the leader.

Some people argue with me on that point. They say that each of us should be responsible when we take on a task or obligation.

That’s right. We should each step up and lead when we take something on––and that means responsibility. However––the leader at the top is responsible for the whole shebang. Period.

Whose fault is it?

Once again: “Mine.”

Your effectiveness as a leader is only measured by the success––or failure of the people you serve. General Patton said it better than I could:

“A general officer who will invariably assume the responsibility for failure, whether he deserves it or not, and invariably give the credit for success to others, whether they deserve it or not, will achieve outstanding success.”

It’s my way or the highway.